5 start-up claims with guaranteed success

It is 2 o’clock in the morning, you can not sleep. Instead of drinking a beer or two in a bar with your friends, you lie in your bed and scroll through countless female profiles of a dating app. You ask yourself the question: what if it actually comes to a match with one of these beautiful women? What if you can not think of any suitable or even funny things to write down?

Every provider has thousands of profiles – so it’s not easy to attract attention. But you have to stick it out of the crowd in your own hands: The first message counts and should definitely arouse the interest of the woman. So that you no longer have to worry about what women really want to hear, we have summarized here the best startups – works both in online dating and in real life!

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Anmachsprüche have never enjoyed a particularly good reputation. But the sound makes the music – starting a conversation does not sound clumsy or cheap: admissions should flatter women, initiate a conversation and give you a perfect first impression.

Despite the high level of social pressure, our experience proves that not only men with six packs or models can win over the woman of their dreams. On the contrary, if you have a positive charisma, honest intent, and a little joke, you’re going to hook them faster than you think.

Throw your worries and concerns overboard for a minute and let us know what clever and smart startups can help you become a confident, self-assured Casanova. Be it a conversation in everyday life, in a bar or a chat in a dating app, these startups will push your flirting skills and your success in dating quickly up!


  1. Tip 1: “Wow – where did you get this jacket from?
  2. Tip 2: “You are not from here, are you?”
  3. Tip 3: “Is this place still available?”
  4. Tip 4: “Truth or duty?”
  5. Tip 5: “You flirt with me”
  6. In which situations do startups work?
  7. Conclusion

Tip 1: “Wow – where did you get this jacket from?

It does not necessarily have to be the jacket. You can compliment her on anything that catches your eye: be it an accessory, her hairstyle, her outfit or even her shoes. Friends, you must first understand the feminine psyche: women are very much in love with detail. They pay close attention to every detail and like it when their looks, in which they have invested a lot of time, are well received.

If you manage to notice a particular detail in her that many others might have missed, you’ll show her that you’re a good observer. It gives her the feeling of being special, of being perceived, and of the fact that she likes her.

Women put a lot of time and thought into their appearance. Even if it should seem irrelevant to you in the normal case and such details are rather unimportant for you: Your observation will definitely give you plus points. Women love it when their efforts are rewarded.

Remember, men can be feminine without having to compromise on their masculinity. Go for it: Make her a compliment for her shoes, her hair or her top. You can go one step further and appeal to her beautiful eyelashes. Be the man who notices what others overlook. This will increase your chances of being the man who takes you home.

Tip 2: “You are not from here, are you?”

Again, we can not stress enough how important it is to have a good sense of observation. While our first tip is an example of the technique itself, you can use the second tack in a similar way. What we mean by that is to use a spell that says something about them based on your previous observations. Make her feel that she is not like the others.

If a beautiful woman talks to her friends in a bar, she has certainly received several offers from men this evening. In truth, that can be pretty annoying. While we may be less fortunate to be turned on, it can quickly get boring, especially if the masculine efforts are not exactly welcome.

Nevertheless, there is hope. Just because your male colleagues did not succeed in the woman of your desire, that does not mean that you are facing the same fate. Offer something that no one else has: Put it back in focus and leave your own intentions in the background.

You can do that by commenting on something that increases your interest in YOU. Instead of shaking you off, we’ll ask you how this observation came from you. This conversation is a possible example:

“Hey, you’re not from here, are you?”

“Hmm, how do you get that?”

“For now, you’re the only one who really laughs in this bar.”

This can be a great way to start a conversation that will inevitably lead to a mutual vision and maybe even a change of numbers. The basic idea behind it is to be seen as a person and not as a trophy. Then she will see you as an interesting interlocutor and not as an annoying guy whom she and her friends have given a basket for the hundredth time today.

Tip 3: “Is this place still available?”

Sometimes the best saying is still the simplest. No tricks, no deceptions, no confusions. Just be direct and confident. Fall into the house with the door instead of pushing you slowly.

Take the motto “belly in, chest out” to heart and go to it. Women like self-confident men who know what they want. If you ask her about the place next to her, you already have a rock on the board. If she lets you sit next to her you know she is not averse either.

Proxemy is everything. When the first social hurdle is overcome, the chance for a common conversation increases.

Talk in the cafe

If she says yes, you can imagine her. The next steps again demand the already mentioned and especially important sense of observation. Be attentive and try to notice every little thing. If she has a book with her, you can ask her what she is reading. Here are a few conversations that will work well with this technique:

  • Make a comment on your environment (“I love how much choice they have on the map.”)
  • Tell her something about what she may feel. Thus, not only does she get to know a part of your personality, but the ice is broken relatively quickly. (“I’m really going crazy if I do not start the day with a good cup of coffee.”)
  • Ask for. Make sure the question is not too obvious. We can only stress again how much women appreciate attentive men. Be detail-oriented – you’ll be pleased with the smallest thing you notice. (“I noticed how happy you look, did something special happen today?”)

Be nice and sincere. Talking to women can be intimidating, but do not forget how important a smile, confident appearance and sincerity are – these are the factors that make the difference.

Tip 4: “Truth or duty?”

Put yourself in their position. She has already been told that she looks like a celebrity or is the hottest woman in the room. She has heard all that. What if you manage to raise your eyes, that she notices you and does not immediately give a basket like all other men before?

Even if it costs a lot of overcoming, you have to be aware that women are only human and not aliens. They are interested in things. They like to talk. And maybe they also like games.

So, what better way to get your attention than a round of “Truth or Dare?” could it already exist? It will immediately make you stand out from the crowd of your rivals. In this tip, no externalities in the foreground, but she alone as a person. So play a game with her.

If she chooses “truth,” ask her what keeps the conversation going. You can talk about their lives, their interests or their pets. Be sure to pay enough attention to her answer. You’ll be impressed with how her answers will turn out as soon as you give her the lead role.

If the answer to your question is “Mandatory”, you may have come across a particularly courageous woman. Here you can react a little more playfully and, for example, ask them to drink something with you or to flirt with you. In addition, you can arrange a short role reversal and ask them for their best temper. Women like challenges. This challenge could be one in which she does not back down.

This technique can also be used for online preservation. Many women will be curious and definitely answer this first message.

Tip 5: “You flirt with me”

This approach is a bit different from the previous startups. This saying (even with slight modifications) can be used if you have already established a certain contact with each other, be it through looks or a conversation. She seems to enjoy your company so far. Very good – but what comes next?

Use this spell to bring your flirtation to a new level. Women like it sexy – who does not like it? The best way to make your conversation a bit more intimate is to leave it to your control, though it’s you who has taken the conversation to a new level. Use your imagination for your own benefit.

Look at this example: When you say, “You’re just starting me,” you’re indicating that you know well that there is something between you. Say what is already in the air anyway and give her the chance to respond accordingly.

The truth is, women do feel sexual desire – if you did not already know that. You can address that quite subtly without being sexually explicit. You can say something like “I knew you had a naughty side, too”. She will immediately imagine in her mind what else could happen between you without going straight to the point.

If you express this sexual tension with allusions, you are guaranteed to be more likely to seduce her than to become immediately obvious. Tick ​​it out with her – mentally and physically. Build a sexual and emotional relationship with her. Let her decide what she wants to do with you.

Trust us colleagues, subtly the new one is sexy.

In which situations do startups work?

Private messages and chats

Wherever you look, there are hundreds of dating apps and sites that promise romantic flirtations – whether it’s an errand for heterosexuals or homosexuals, Christians, Asians, infatuation, eroticism and many more. Whatever your personal preferences are, if you want to be noticed in the news of your crush, you have to arouse its interest. What can keep you from the others and make you feel better than the others?

Take time to read her profile carefully and speak to a detail that you noticed. To say something particularly intelligent or witty can not hurt. Say something sweet, something wicked or something ridiculous. The possibilities are endless.

Loose, everyday conversations

Let’s say you know a girl and you are friends with her. But you want to take your relationship to a new level. Yes, she is cute. She just looks gorgeous while sitting in a café across from you. So far you have no idea how you could make your relationship to each other romantic.

What is the best and easiest way to test your real chances for this new level in an everyday conversation? Exactly, startups! With a sweet saying you can find out what is really between you. She could smile, blush, or just feel the same as you. So, gather your courage and take the first step.

Parties, bars, public places

Man is a very social creature. We enjoy having company from time to time. This works best at parties or other events where we become part of a group. Many singles use such events not only to get among people, but also to look out for other flirtatious ones.

In this scenario, many singles are literally waiting to be dredged – or even go on the offensive. That’s why it’s always helpful to have a good temper up your sleeve. Especially at parties, most of us do not want to talk too long, unnecessary conversations, but immediately know what’s up. Better stick to a brief and succinct suggestion instead of formulating complicated sentences. Get to the point!

For a date

Even if you are already dating some good start-up suggestions should be your faithful companions. Make your date laugh by making a spicy spell. You just have to think one step further: If you want to bind them to you in the longer term, it will only work if you can laugh together or make them laugh.


Anmachsprüche are a tried and tested method to address women and to talk to them. Great startups – almost like a good wine – get better with time, even though society is constantly changing. Our tested starvation promises, if used in the right context, success in women.

You do not have to play the Rosenkalavier. You do not have to try to impress them with ridiculous tricks. Friends, sometimes the right words, timing and intentions are all you need

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