Daring site Lovescout24 review test March 2019

Since July 2016, Lovescout24 has been the new name of the successful online dating site Friendscout24 , a well-structured online dating site , where flirting is a top priority .

More than 6,000,000 tested members on the Dating Partner make Lovescout24 a high-quality portal on the German dating market. Lovescout offers with a detailed search function and the high quality of the profiles  the possibility for exciting dates and butterflies in the stomach.

There are a lot of active women on the portal who have serious intentions. Self-initiative such as personally formulated news and a well-groomed profile are required for both sexes. How good and serious Lovescout24 is, and whether the costs are worthwhile, we have extensively tested here.

10 facts you did not know about lovescout yet

LoveScout24 …

  • offers regular single events like afterworks and city trips so you will not just chat
  • shows in the free version so much advertising that our browser has crashed
  • Secret also offers a portal for erotic contacts
  • allows the search for small peculiarities (#LoveYourImperfection)
  • is also suitable for gay dating with about 200,000 homosexual members
  • Dateroulette offers something like Tinder
  • shows with the boost function your profile on the start page and you get extra flirts
  • allows anonymous visits to profiles in incognito mode
  • is also available on the Apple Watch
  • In the free version, you can chat with Connect members

Design & operation

  • well structured surface with a simple design
  • many commercials in the free version
  • ad-free and comfortable usage for premium members
  • practical Lovescout24 app with rich features like news, search, profile editing and even registration
test seal

Who is logged in here?

  • Members primarily looking for flirt, chat and fall in love
  • represent all professions
  • about 10% academics available ( dating agencies have a significantly higher share of academics)
  • Average age men: 37.5 years
  • Average age women: 34.7 years
  • Friendly dating site with upscale manners

It’s all about lovescout

  • 17,500 active singles per minute
  • Interested messages already with free registration
  • After profiling significantly increased message volume
  • Deletion of card details by a moderation team, registered members are actually active
  • Responses usually within 24 hours, even if no dating interest in a person exists

registration process

Lovescout24 profile man
  • free registration from 18 years
  • Profile entries are checked
  • very detailed information possible
  • Upload up to five profile photos and 20 picture albums
  • Registration time: approx. 25 minutes

As with all reputable dating sites, a free registration at Lovescout24 is required. The registration takes place via e-mail address, which must be finally confirmed.

When logging in, only the username, the desired search, the place of residence and the date of birth have to be entered. When profiling, there are many more options. You can choose from the following search criteria:

  • man searches for woman
  • Man is looking for man
  • woman looks for man
  • Woman is looking for a wife

There are several questions to answer on your own dating profile: superficial aspects of your appearance (hair color, height, etc.) and deeper multiple-choice questions, such as situations in life and dealing with them.

The standard questions about civil status, character description, etc. are to be answered by selection menu, text answers are not possible. However, there are two free text fields to life motto (up to 128 characters) and individual self-description(up to 5,000 characters) are available.

More personal information can be provided with the 20 pre-defined flirt questionsunder yes / no answer. It is also possible to create your own questions if the predefined models do not appeal.

Flirt questions include questions such as:

  • Are you a morning muffle?
  • Do you prefer to order online or do you prefer to shop locally?


Lovescout contact
  • very detailed search precision
  • Send a direct message
  • Think outside the box with Dateroulette
  • Adjust radius search as desired
  • virtual smile sendable
  • Writing messages is free for all members

As a member of LoveScout, you have many opportunities to connect with other members. However, we recommend that you check that the information in your profile is complete and correct before contacting them, as this is your business card and everyone will take a look before answering.

A smile for the first contact can basic and premium members alike. Unfortunately, it is not expandable with personal words. Women almost always prefer the personal address of a potential partner by message, but receive smiles in most cases as well.

Messages can only be sent by premium members, while base members can send messages to premium members who have purchased the Connect add-on. The quality of the content of the mails is crucial for success in finding a partner. Basically, the more personal the message and the relation to the profile of the opposite, the higher the response rate. General circulars that are sent to 50 or more members, but do not arrive well.

Although the Dateroulette does not make direct contact, the game allows a look beyond the horizon. While the displayed Dating Profiles in the search results meet your own set criteria, the Dateroulette results are completely variable. So you have the opportunity in the partner search people and dating profiles to discover that are outside of their own search results.

We find: An exciting opportunity to expand your own horizons and to quickly look at different profiles.

profile information

Lovescout24 women profile
  • sympathetic user with many photos and information
  • common interests visible on the profile
  • Fakes are deleted rigorously
  • five employees take care of the dating profiles
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • The profile can be changed later

Very positive is the quality of the single profiles at Lovescout24.de, the singles go out of their way to create a sympathetic self-portrayal. The members in our test uploaded profile pictures on this dating site and completed their profile text.

The singles, women as well as men, should above all also on  the correct profile picture value, because “the appearance finds, the character binds.” And even with an appealing visual self-expression, members can convince other singles.

Most profiles are thus provided with photos and contain important information. Even with the file questions, most people are very active and have filled at least part of it. So you know a lot about the profile owner before you make personal contact.

The lovescout24 seal

If a man makes a special effort, he can purchase the lovescout24 seal. You just have to

  • 70% have completed their own profile , this information is important: age, height, marital status , type of relationship desired, nationality, existing children / children, figure, smoker, education
  • Share at least one photo
  • Watch the LoveScout24 tutorials  are pretty little videos with tips for men on how to get in touch with a woman
  • “sign” the gentleman’s certificate,  in which the information of the videos is re-listed

You can extend the whole by the …

… certified Lovescout24 seals:

  • All the conditions of the Lovescout24 seal are fulfilled
  • personal description is completed
  • Lovescout24 singles have given positive feedback on your profile over the past month


Lovescout24 App
  • App available for iOS and Android
  • free download in Appstore
  • Receiving and sending messages on the way
  • playing Dateroulette on the way

Lovescout24 can be used not only on the PC at home or in the office, but also with the smartphone on the go. Thanks to an app that is available for Android as well as iOS phones, the functions  news, single search, dating and profile editing  can be easily used on the go.

The download is free via the respective Appstores, the login is possible with the personal Lovescout24.de account. If there is no account yet, the registration can also be done directly in the app. However, we recommend signing up for free via the website on the PC , as the larger screen makes it easier and faster.

field test

Report by Timo, 34 from Aachen

I have never held much of dating sites, but when my buddy Lovescout24 recommended (or at that time Friendscout24), I’ve just looked at it.

Quite a lot of questions, this page at the beginning and first I hesitated, if I really should give so much away from me. But in the end I invested the one hour and it was really rewarding.

In the beginning I just jumped around, sometimes on this profile, sometimes on this and then I saw Isabell. According to Lovescout our interests were quite identical and I liked their cheeky answers, with the flirting questions. I smiled at her and just waited. But even though she’s online, there was no answer. I guessed right away. My buddy waved me off and told me to just send her a message and not throw in the gun right away.

So I listened to him again and sent her some nice lines. Above all, I tried to be natural, not to talk nonsense and to talk about them a bit. With success! One day later, I had her answer and she also told me that this smile would just have gone down because she smiled 50 times and more each day.

The whole thing is now three months back and we are planning our first holiday together. To be fair, I have to say Isabell was not the only one I came in contact with. But she was the only one I met with and that took my heart by storm. Lovescout24.de we do not need more, but I’m still grateful to my buddy that he was able to convince me stubborn Bock.

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