Dreamwife wanted – That’s how you make your dream woman clear

How do you like your dream woman? And when you have met her, how can you make her fall in love with you? We give tips.

Looking for a dream woman?

In this article:

  1. The dream woman
  2. She is it!
  3. 5 things you should know about your dream woman
  4. Your online dating benefits
  5. Naturalness convinces your dream woman
  6. Success in mate choice: 3 tips
  7. How does your dream woman fall for you?
  8. Small talk: that’s how it works
  9. Caution: 5 signs that she is not your dream woman

The dream woman

  • Dreamwoman to select common character traits
  • Dream woman should have a positive charisma
  • Good first impression due to much trouble writing / addressing
  • Dream women looking relaxed online
  • Life goals that fit together

Also in 2019, most men are looking for a woman with model measurements, she should be young and beautiful. After some time, men realize that the outer shell does not have much value for everyday life. Thus, the search for the one, beautiful dream woman starts anew. This time, the dream woman is to bring along characteristics that the first woman did not have. Beauty alone is not enough. The character traits should eventually fit together in the long run. But the dream woman, how should she be?

She is it!

Women who have many positive qualities and a good sense of humor are sought after. A woman who is humorous will eventually be able to handle even difficult life situations. It should also share your interests. For example, if you travel a lot, you do not want to go alone on your adventure. It is the same with all other preferences that you would like to share with your dream woman.

5 things you should know about your dream woman

In the search for the number one, it can quickly happen that the dream woman suddenly stands in front of you. She looks good, laughs a lot and has a positive charisma. But she is your dream woman, just because it causes a tingling in you, as you have not felt it for a long time? You should learn about her over time to make sure that she is the right one:

  1. Does she share your interests? You should not have the same hobbies and not do it all together, otherwise you might not be able to see each other soon. In general, it is good if you share many interests, but it is important that you still have their own hobbies and friends, so you do not become too dependent on each other.
  2. What inspires your dream woman? And more importantly, can you give her what she loves? Satisfaction in the relationship is very important in the long run.
  3. Are your wishes similar to a dream partnership? How much time does she want to spend in a relationship with you? Does she want to contract with you quickly? Does she want to do a lot with you or rather stay home? And above all, are your wishes similar to theirs?
  4. Do you have a long-term intention of moving to the same city? Of course there are also successful long-distance relationships, but few survive a long separation. Especially when there is no end in sight.
  5. What are your life goals? Career, children, many things play a role in a long-term harmonious relationship.

But how do you quickly find answers to these important questions?

Your online dating benefits

There are many advantages to online dating:

  • In a nutshell: You can spend a lot of time looking for dream women online. And this time is used much more efficiently, because with on-line Dating portals only Dating interested women are registered. The likelihood of you enlisting someone who is already happily forgiven is thus zero (except perhaps for infidelity portals ) because she too is looking for a partner
  • No inhibitions: The right words that you simply do not want to think of in the supermarket, in the waiting line or in the case of a quick eye contact at the bar, flow freely from online contacts, so to speak. If not, you have plenty of time to find the right words or even help you with them.
  • First impression from the profile: From the online profile of your chosen one, you can already learn important information about them. What you do not know about your dream woman during a chance meeting in real life is presented to you on the silver plate, so to speak, during online dating.
  • Write first, then meet: online is the right woman also basically in front of you suddenly. However, you can first clarify all the important questions before a first real contact.

Online dating is already worth it, because your chance to find your dream girl is much greater. Honestly, how many women who fulfill your claims have you met in reality? And how many did it spark off from both sides? With online dating you can filter directly according to your needs. Then you will only see those that meet your (at least superficial) criteria such as education, age, interests, etc .. Then all you have to do is look so interesting on your profile and contact them appealingly, and a date or at least a flirting is no longer in the way! In contrast, dating does not look so rosy in real life, but see for yourself:

Success in mate choice: 3 tips

After you get to know your dream woman, it will turn out which of her qualities are really important to you. Most men realize only after some time or even years, that the characteristics of the Chosen do not fit their own ideas. Frequent quarrels about trifles and frustration and dissatisfaction are the result. If you do not want to compromise, you will quickly find yourself in a one-way street, from which there is no way out.

1. With this tip, more harmony comes into your love life

But conflict in the partnership does not necessarily have to be. Relationships can also be wonderfully harmonious and based on mutual understanding. Harmonic togetherness only gives love the depth necessary for a fulfilled togetherness. Many questions concerning the characteristics, opinions and tolerance limits of the dream partner can be clarified in advance.

2. What are your plans for your common future?

The factors that are important and decisive for the future mainly concern the attitude to love, family and partnership. Also the desire for children is part of it. Beyond that, the profession and the closer environment in which the dream partner lives or wants to live in the future are important. Other important questions may include the attitude to work in the household and the role distribution in the relationship. For example, a man who likes to cook would certainly like to have a partner who likes to be pampered by him. With a dominant woman in the kitchen, there would often be quarrels in this relationship that could be avoided.

3. Immediately find the right woman

If you’re looking for her online, it’s best to find out more of your character partner’s great traits. Because with online dating, all character traits are compared with each other via the evaluation process. You will constantly be offered contacts that fit your profile. There are no coincidences in online dating. A man who has some education wants to communicate with his partner on an equal footing and fall in love with the right woman.

Dream Woman Chart 3

How does your dream woman fall for you?

As mentioned at the beginning, it does not do much to constantly serve a woman with slogans from the anmachkiste. Because at some point she is allergic to it and seeks the distance. It is better to pick her up where she is.

1. Quickly find the right words in online dating

Online Dating brings with it many opportunities to get to know the chosen ones better and to carefully approach them. Everything can be won with one sentence, but just as much can be lost. The first impression counts and is often decisive for a whole relationship chapter. For example, it is a good topic to write or talk about dogs when they like dogs. If that’s your current favorite topic as well, then you need not worry about love anymore. Because this immediately follows the friendship that arises immediately.

2. With this trick, you’re sure to score a direct hit with her

For all the love of the common themes you should not just talk about you. The dream woman of men likes it when he cares about her. Once you’ve found an entry-level topic, it’s easy to learn more about it through listening. You do not even need to ask her questions. Active listening brings a lot and signals the chosen one that you are serious about her. Go deeper into what she tells you and do not directly ask the next question, but actively respond to what she said and ask more questions about that to express your interest. Be careful not to ask only yes / no questions, but open questions that provide more storytelling.

Attention: This does not mean that you should ignore your questions or turn away, just talk about yourself, otherwise it will look like you’re hiding something.

3. Do not give up too fast

No, that does not mean you should annoy her. Give her a few days to respond to your message. If you still have not heard anything, you do not necessarily have to give up. Some men only become interesting to women when they are obviously interested in them. In other words, when you write her again, she realizes that you have not forgotten her yet. Then she will consider you sooner than if you give her up directly. I mean, who’s been trying on the same woman multiple times with online dating, unless she liked it a lot? If you tried it on the first message with a funny saying, you can apologize for the second message and try it again “in nice”,

Caution: 5 signs that she is not your dream woman

In the first infatuation phase, the world is pink and suddenly you fall to the ground of the facts because you clearly realize that the dream woman does not want you.

1. Sudden change in flirting

When flirting in the chat, you realize that she is suddenly disinterested and short.

2. Your dream woman does not want to commit herself

She often says that she is not created for a relationship or does not want to commit herself. She does not even want to think about what your future might look like and whether you are a partner for her.

3. Cold, despite prolonged contact

If you have known each other for a while, make sure that she often shows you the cold shoulder. She may be short-circuited or she might apologize for suddenly having to chat with other people.

4. She does not care about you

In a chat or conversation, it is not only crucial that you are interested in them. She should also show interest in you, listen to you and respond to your concerns.

5. The first date ends suddenly for no apparent reason

On the first date she goes home immediately at the first disagreement. It does not let your meeting end harmoniously, but it ends abruptly.

So, what to do ?!

In all these cases, it is important to act quickly and have a conversation with the chosen one about what is important to them. And they let go, if it does not suit them – because then it just should not be.

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