Is he in love with me? Find out!

Is he in love with you? Or are you just an interlude or even completely uninteresting for him? We help you to clarify.

Is he in love with me?  Do the test

In this article:

  1. Do the test!
  2. 5 hints that he likes you
  3. 5 clues that he is in love with you
  4. You should keep your hands off him if …

Do the test!

Who does not know it? There’s this guy who just did it to you. But you are unsure if the reverse is the case: Men supposedly do not fall in love so quickly. But as a woman you like to think so much!

5 hints that he likes you

1. He compliments you

Not churning, but every now and then comes a nice comment about your look or your kind heart.

2. He is really happy to see you

Even if the last meeting is not so long ago: Instead of a lame handshake or an unenthusiastic Bussi Bussi on the cheek, he hugs you warmly and asks you immediately how are you.

3. He keeps the contact upright

You are currently in stress and can not do justice to all your loved ones. You also forget about him from time to time, but that does not stop him from getting in touch with himself until you have more air.

4. You know his friends personally

If he has no qualms about introducing you to his friends, that’s one of the biggest compliments he can give you.

5. He cares about you

Your conversation slips from the last European Football Championship to a serious story of your past. He is not annoyed and uninterested but asks questions, shows compassion and interest.

Like does not mean love

Stay on the ground. Just because he likes you does not necessarily mean he has the same thoughts and feelings as you. Stay relaxed and see what happens. Give him subtle hints that you would also have some more interest in him! So you may be able to lure him out of reserve.

But do not stoop on him, but also allow other options: if he is not Mr.Right, it may be next!

5 clues that he is in love with you

1. He is looking for your company

You have just met and there is already a message to ask when you have time again? He just wanted to come in the evening and suddenly you have been together for two days without interruption together? Somebody likes to be near you!

2. He takes time for you

You have only one day a week and that crosses with his plans? Then he throws those as far as he can. Because if he wants to see you, he can set it up too.

3. He wants to meet your friends

At the first meeting he goes to your friends with a smile and “I’ve heard a lot about you”. It is as important to know your friends as you know his.

4. He is looking for body contact

He is not intrusive but treats you with the necessary respect. But he always shows you with gestures and touches that he likes to be close to you and finds you attractive.

5. He is attentive

A message, if you have arrived home well, a bedtime call, a planned business based on your interests. On a date he leaves the phone in his pocket, he remembers how you like your coffee, he brings you your favorite ice cream.

Real attention is in the detail and can be distinguished from purely friendly thinking.

You should keep your hands off him if …

… he reports irregularly or not at all

Every two weeks a text message and either with the question of whether you still have room for a ride or if he can come back to the “netflixen”? Bye Bye Boy.

… he does not come in the pots

“Next week it will definitely work”, “I’ve got a lot around my ears” … All lame excuses. Who wants, who can. Very easily! And if he meets with you, but only on your express requests, then it does not just hurt your self-esteem. So do not let it stop you forever but hake it as an attempt and failed. There are enough other willing guys out there!

… he shows no interest in you

He likes your selfies, but when you tell him about your favorite movie, does he switch off and look bored? Someone who likes you is interested in every nonsense you tell. So obviously he does not find you much more exciting than the granny at the next table.

… he obviously just has a Tinder phase

He tells bored of the many dates he has right now? Then do not think that you are the last coke in the desert for him. Many men have these phases and often do not outgrow them for years. If you were exceptional for him, he would not brag about his dating history.

… he does not introduce himself to his friends

You are on the way together and meet a friend of his by chance. The two greet each other, talk to each other and then each goes his own way. Either you introduce yourself, or you are a bit stupid – feels both stupid, right? If he does not apologize credibly for his bad behavior, then you should exercise caution.

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