That’s how your hearts fly at online dating!

Your last date has been a while? Yesterday, you just let the prettiest girl run past you for a long time because you did not know how to address her spontaneously? When online dating is not really working out yet?

Nothing to worry about! you are just looking for tips on how to do it better! Here you are exactly right. Click through our articles – and then out to the test as an example, or for putting into practice.

You can do it!

Oh, lost? You are a woman and looking for dating tips especially for you? This way please!

That’s how your hearts fly at online dating!

Men make the cover letter: This is how it works with our 7-step program for the first mail. Do’s and Don’ts summarized for you!

The 7-step short guide for men

In this article:

  1. Find the right portal
  2. quality before quantity
  3. Dare to be creative!
  4. Be honest and positive
  5. Patience: give you both time
  6. Show variety
  7. Polish your profile!
  8. Seven No-Gos

The stressful response of an attractive stranger in the café falls away, instead you and the “other side” have time to take a long look and sniff around and then hopefully make informed decisions. But be aware: even online dating is not without traps! Here’s the ultimate 7-Steps guide on how to flirt man online:

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1. Find the right portal

In order to find the right partner to contact, it is important to choose the right dating site. In  casual dating , such as Secret , all members are looking for an erotic adventure, while dating agencies  such as Parship   precisely the best partner by questionnaire and computer algorithm found and presented. A whole own category are  mobile dating apps  such as  Tinder .

Depending on where you are logged in, you should also consider the style of the portal in a first contact by e-mail. In single-sex exchanges, a casual, relaxed email would be appropriate, while for a woman at elite partners, you’re more likely to score with a serious and intelligent first message.

2. Quality over quantity

Go to fewer women and write a personal e-mail for each of them. Prove real interest by asking questions about hobbies and interests or their profile photos. Attractive women on flirting pages often get several dozen impersonal messages à la “Hi, how are you?” Or “Beautiful Photos!” A day. If you want her to write back to you, you have to stand out from the crowd.

3. Dare to be creative!

A creative, humorous cover letter that sets itself apart from others remains in the head of your future flirt partner and increases your chances of finding an answer. So use your ingenuity and humor to break out of the gray mass of “Hello! Nice picture! “Spike to stick out.

Study the profile of the interesting woman: What exactly do you think makes the woman interesting? Do you find your hobbies exceptional? What makes you curious? Real interest can be read from your message! Try a crisp, short welcome text, maybe refer to an event that is currently relevant and likely to be relevant to the recipient (eg the beginning of the weekend) or ask an intelligent question. Unfortunately, personal, smart or funny cover letters are still a rarity on most flirting pages and you increase your chances of flirting enormously if you take the time to write one. Here is an example of a successful first mail:

Hello Anna,

Which sea were you on the second photo? Looks

a little warmer than here. 😉

Best regards!


Or maybe you also feel like trying out a witty writing-on variant that worked   very well in our test for dating sites   and mobile dating apps : Just send your potential flirting partner the following text lines, for example, which are flat but somehow charming:

Hey girl. Let’s be like two candles in a storm and go out together.

I’m still a bit unsure where exactly you have to lick so that it belongs to you too. Do you have a tip?

Sometimes I think the only things that are still tight are sauces. What do you think about?

4. Be honest and positive

Of course you should show yourself online from your best side but please stay honest. Women appreciate sincerity. Try to stay true to the truth, though you may want to hide one or the other supposed blemish. At some point, the meeting comes, and it’s just more relaxed not having to fake the wrong facts. Honesty includes compliments. Do not compliment them until you know each other a bit better. Superficial compliments in the first message seem mostly wrong and greasy.

5. Patience: give yourself both time

Patience is the most important virtue in online dating! Take time to communicate with your new flirt partner. Be patient, if you’ve written a carefully worded message to an attractive woman, give her plenty of time to respond, and in no case post multiple question marks or smileys. That quickly seems a bit intrusive.

Always read carefully what the woman writes at the other end, make direct reference, ask questions and also tell something personal about yourself. To ask smart or funny questions shows that you have read your message attentively, are interested and would like to continue the conversation

6. Show diversity

If you want to meet your flirt partner someday in real life, you have to build a certain trust in her. The best way to do that is to talk to her about a variety of topics. So you can get to know each other better and maybe discover one or the other commonality. Good subjects for a first conversation are, for example, Herkunt, job, sports, travel, hobbies and siblings.

An initial chat conversation might look something like this:

You: Breathless through the night

You: Are you hearing this or is it describing your weekend? 😉

You: Both! 😉 Say you live in Munich?

You: Yes, just in Puchheim from next week right in Munich, and you?

You: I live right next to the university. What did you want to be when you were little and what did you become? 😉

You: vet. But now I’m going to be a lawyer.

You: Ok, I’ll be a journalist as it looks like. But at the moment I am still studying English and Economics. Do you have siblings?

You: Have a big brother and you?

You: I have a younger brother. 🙂 How do you get along?

She: Very good, but I miss him a lot because he lives in Hamburg. And with you?

You: Yes, also great. He is like a best friend for me. By the way, your third photo is really cool. 🙂 Where was that?

You: Thank you, that’s nice. Do you mean that with the red Dirndl, right? 🙂 What are you doing when you’re not chatting

? 😉

7. Polish your profile!

Your profile should give interested women above all starting points for questions about your hobbies and favorite pastimes. A pinch of humor is almost always good. Very important are your profile pictures. Make sure that they are varied and show you in as many interesting activities and in different situations. For example, while skiing, with friends, on vacation in an interesting city, in nature, etc. No photos with a saying like “No picture, but I swear, I’m beautiful” may seem funny, but brings you nothing – because look finds even if it’s the character that binds.

A guide would not be complete without even mentioning the complete abortors in online dating. Here’s a small extra of editorial the 7 biggest no-gos in online dating.

Seven No-Gos

  1. Do not lie! Do not make yourself taller or thinner than you are and do not think of a new profession for you. The no-go is not your supposed weakness, but the attempt to deceive. At the latest on the first date, the truth will come to light anyway.
  2. Sexual offers and fantasies have no business in a first message! There’s time until you get to know each other better. Most women will not respond to such a message and it can even lead to your being banned.
  3. Avoid too abstract ambiguity! Without tone, gestures and facial expressions it is difficult to judge what is ironic and what is meant seriously. When you start writing, the woman does not know you yet and can not rate you. So it can easily come to misunderstandings that you can never eradicate again, because the woman just will not write you back.
  4. Do not become too personal too fast! All too private questions and intimate details about the favorite position should also not be discussed too early by chat. Wait until you know each other better and take the brisantest conversation piece for a cozy evening for two.
  5. Watch your profile pictures! In the profile photos, there is a lot of what you can do wrong. Please do not use photos that look like you could apply to the nearest Sparkasse branch. Your photos should be rather private snapshots that show you in your spare time and interesting activities. Even photos with ultra-cool bad boy facial expression or selfies in front of the bathroom mirror should be avoided. These pictures are more conceited and dismissive for most women.
  6. Do not be too intrusive! Mobile numbers should not be sent immediately upon first contact, just as few intrusive offers to meet immediately. Show that you are not desperate or looking for quick sex and instead take the time to humorously respond to the woman’s profile.
  7. Pay attention to spelling and avoid abbreviations like vll, lol, rofl or similar! For most women, such news seems immature and sloppy, and it may happen that intelligent and educated women are not responding to your otherwise good news for that very reason.

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